Durga is a personation of Devi or the Mother Goddess, a united symbol of all numinous forces. Durga is the wife of lord Shiva. Maa Durga is known as the name Sati, Parvati and Uma. The Hindu Goddess Durga is articulate when evil forces in trouble. Durga also accession very powerful weapons, such as the chakra from Vishnu and a trident from Shiva. As we know that Durga is the another form of Parvati so she is the part of trinity in which two others are Maa Saraswati ji & Goddess Laxmi ji.

Durga is a form of devi the usury gleaming goddess, painted as having ten arms, riding a lion, having weapons and a lotus flower, maintaining a meditative smile, or symbolic hand gestures. Today, Durga statue is worshipped in all India. In Navratra season demand of Durga statue is increase in all states of India.

Maa Durga Marble Statue

Our company A2Z statue is famous manufacturers and exporters of god, goddess, religious, roman and bust statues in all over world. Our firm is registered with the Indian Govt. Export Promotion Council.

We make all types of murti and statue but we are expert manufacturer in Durga murti in pure white marble and makarana marble. Beautiful and colored and attractive all kind of Durga murti are providing by us like Durga on lion, Durga with nine hands and Mahishasura mardini Durga statue.

Our specific products include: –

  • Maa Durga murti
  • Ambaa statue
  • NavDurga statue
  • Parvati statue
  • Kaali mata murti
  • Maaheshvari statue
  • Chaamunda statue
  • Narayani statue
  • Bhadrakaali statue
  • Vaishnavi statue

Our range of products includes white Durga mata murti such as Ambaa mata, makrana marble Navdurga statue, Narayani mata statue and many more products. We also offer Nav durga mata murtis in various sizes and positions. Special tools are used by us for manufacturing of Durga Mata Murti.

We have all products as per client demand in various size and appropriate rates. You can also see our statues and moortis on online shopping websites and order it. Our all products are available there specially Durga murti in all sizes. We have well developed workshop in Jaipur, Alwar, Dausa and other district of Rajasthan.

In our workshop all kinds of gods and goddess statue are manufacturer like Durga Moorti, Braahmi mata statue, mata Chandraghanta statue, Brahmavaadini statue, Narayani mata statue, Parameshvari mata statue etc.

We use pure white marble and stones like makarana, Vietnam etc. In our workshop at a time fifteen workers are work on Durga Moorti. We export our products especially in U.S.A., Canada, France, Spain and Japan.


We supply thousand number of marble Durga statue in Navratra season in India mainly in Kolkata. We are using only makrana and Vietnam marbles in manufacturing of all statues. We have services of shipping and delivering of your product, shipping charges are included in statue price. We will provide you rubbing, polishing, colouring and packing advantage for Marble Durga statue and other kinds of all statues.

Note: – You can also buy Maa Durga’s husband Lord Shiva marble statue and their son Lord Ganesha statue together at discounted prices.