Blessed with childlike innocence and carefree temperament, Lord Ganesha who is the son of Shiva and Parvati is one of the popular and widely worshipped Gods in Hinduism. The elephant headed Lord Ganesha with only a single tusk and twisted trunk acknowledge an utter important position in the Hindu religion. This not only presents the significance of Ganesh, also known as Ganesh or Ganapati, but also describes his influence and pervasiveness among the Hindu mob. The name Ganesha is made up of two words Gana and Isha, where Gana means multitude and Isha symbolizes God.

Ganesha is among the five prime Hindu deities and is witnessed as the god of education, knowledge and wealth. As he is considered the God of intellect and wisdom, it is the tradition of the Hindu religion to worship Lord Ganesh before starting any auspicious work. Whether statue new business is begun or some new house is built, his blessings are taken. In Hinduism, it is believed that worshiping Lord Ganesh brings happiness and joy. An idol or Murti of Lord Ganesha is a reflection of wisdom and joy. Ganesha statue is worshiped with the lord Shiva statue and his family.

Lord Ganesha Marble Statue


Establishing a Ganesh Murti at home or professional area is considered a good omen. It not only beautifies the inhibited space, but also intensifies the positive vibrations wherever it is established or kept. A statue of Lord Ganesh is believed to win over all the obstacles and hurdles in anyone’s path. Additionally, Lord Ganesha is close to Goddess of knowledge as in some statues and sculptures he is portrayed with Goddess Saraswati and Laxmi on equal footings. Consequently, the Lord Ganesh statue is quite prominent among the people belonging to education field. Moreover, the ancient sculptures depict that God Ganesha granted good fortunes to his devotees. The rat is regarded as the principal vehicle of Lord Ganesh. So, in any Murti or statue of Ganesha, a rat figure is also noticeable.

The common Indian sweet ‘modak’, which happens to be the favorite of Lord Ganesha, can also be seen in one of the hands of his Murti. The broken tusk of Ganesha is an epitome of sacrifice, which he broke for writing the Hindu epic ‘Mahabharata’. In his other hand, he holds rosary that convey the endless search for knowledge. The position of lord also holds a significant meaning. It is believed that if the trunk is towards the left of a Ganesha statue, then it illustrates the direction of success. And, if it is towards the right of the statue then it symbolizes moksha. This is important to consider while you go to buy any Ganesh statue.

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