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Who was Gautam Buddha?

Gautama Buddha, also famous with the name of Siddhartha Gautama or Shakyamuni Buddha. Buddha is modern, enlightened and stirred God of Buddhists. He shared his visions to help the rebirth or emotional beings. He born in Kshatriya family and chosen as chief of Shakya Clan. His birth name was ‘Gautama’ and his father was Suddhodana or Maya (The Koliyan Princess) gave him a birth.

Gautam Buddha Marble Statue

At the time of his birth the soothsayers forecast that the boy would be a king or a military leader when he became grownup. But his father wants him to be a pronounced king and he fortified him from spiritual knowledge. Siddhartha was very anxious after perceiving these wonders. The lavishness of palace life no lengthier interested him and he comprehended that he had to pursue the eventual truth. Siddhartha left his family at the age of 29 to live the Spartan live. According to him living an independent life can answer his all questions. For next 6-7 years he lived a graveness life. And over these period he got 5 followers with whom he accomplished his austerity. A day he went to a Bodh Gaya and sit under the peepal tree, where he felt sleep and he saw a divine light coming towards him and that was the time when he realized that every person searches for his untrue and after this incidence he came to known as “Buddha”.


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