On these earth humans are discriminating them on the basis on religions, each and every one is having faith on their own religions, Hinduism is one of them, which is one of the oldest and largest practiced religions in this world and some practitioners refer to it as Sanatana Dharma, “the eternal law” or the “eternal way” beyond human origins. It prescribes the “eternal” duties all Hindus have to follow, regardless of class, caste, or sect, such as honesty, purity, and self-restraint. Since the 19th century, under the dominance of western colonialism and Indology, when the term “Hinduism” came into broad use, Hinduism has re-asserted itself as a coherent and independent tradition.

The popular understanding of Hinduism has been dominated by “Hindu modernism”, in which mysticism and the unity of Hinduism have been emphasised. During 20th century, Hindutva ideology, a part of the Hindu politics emerged as a political force and a source for national identity in India. Hindu practices include daily rituals such as puja (worship) and recitations, annual festivals, and occasional pilgrimages. Select group of ascetics leave the common world and engage in lifelong ascetic practices to achieve moksha.

Radhe Krishna Marble Statue
Radhe Krishna Marble Statue


Since the followers of Hindu Dharma knows very well, God is omnipresent in this world, present everywhere in any form, they never forget to worship in happiness and festivities, also keep on praying in troubles. As per the faith there is variance in number of Hindu Gods, but Lord Krishna who is loved for the spreading truth, non-violence and love in the society.

Lord Krishna Murti is worshipped in festivals and in day to day life, and those who are having faith in love, relationship never forgets to worship Radhe-Krishna Statue. People keep on sharing their happiness and grief to them and willing to get out of their troubles. There is also variance in the Puja Vidhi as the diversity occurs in regions, but the ultimate goal is unique and the practiced god is the same, but followed in different names and patterns.

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