Hinduism is one of the dominant religions across Asia. It is also considered as one of the oldest religion of the world. In Hinduism, though concept of God varies from place to place and community to community but overall the almighty is considered as the basic force which drives the nature and the human being as well. There are over 3 million different Gods and Goddess worshiped in Hindu religion across the world.

Within Hinduism, each day of a week is dedicated to a particular god. Since it is a polytheistic religion, most Hindu believes in multiple Gods but Hinduism says that there is only one pervasive God which energizes the entire universe. People with different regions across the world interpret the supreme power by different forms and names. Unlike any other religion, followers of Hinduism enjoy the freedom of worshiping their personally chosen icon.

God Statues

Some Hindu worships three, some thousands and some up to thirty-three crore gods. Every Hindu God has specific characteristics like dress, weapons, etc. which symbolises their power and supreme command over universe. Many Gods and Goddess are recognized by the symbols related with them. One of the beliefs in Hindu culture is that God is not far away but resides in each and every soul waiting to be discovered.


According to Hinduism, God is formless and as the mind cannot concentrate itself on a formless being God has to be assumed in the form of some visible object or image. Therefore, Hindu practitioners envisage God as an impersonal absolute who can be worshipped only in a human form. In Hindu religion, all worship is idol worship. Hindu gods are worshiped in the form of idols or statue also called murti. It is due to the belief that God comes to a sacred place or resides in a statue. Idol worship and customs are at the heart of Hindu religion.

Some religion allows people to worship the human images while some allows to just imagine a humanly figure as the supreme power. Only Hindu religion has the courage to accept them as idols or statues. The statue of Hindu Gods has religious and philosophical significance as they themselves represent a particular aspect of the universe. Therefore, Hindu God statues are established in every home to bring prosperity and happiness. An idol serves the same purpose for a religious devotee as a flag does for an army.

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