There many several religions practiced in our society but the only religion which allows murti pooja is Hindu religion, this is the one of the biggest practiced with religion in this world, since it is much populated on this earth, and a lot diversities available in this religion people are having their faith in God by name since as per tradition some think there are thirty-three crore Gods in number, and some thinks there are three Gods, the belief is as per their faith.

There is the significance of Shiva statue in Hindu religion. Lord Shiva is followed by every person who is following Hindu religions, Lord Shiva is known for blessings and generator of the pure devotee river GANGA. To have prosperity in life and get rid of troubles people are worshiping Lord Shiva through Murti puja pattern, Monday is considered as day of Lord Shiva in every week, as per Hindu mythology SAVAN month is the best month for following Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva Marble Statue

As per the mythology if they got anger and dancing in anger can destroy the whole earth, that form of dance is known as Tandav Nritya, so Dancing Shiva Statue is also available to worship Lord Shiva.


We at offers statues of Lord Shiv and you can buy Shiva statue online from our shop. No matter people are from different regions and having separate- separate opinions for their practices but the ultimate common mean in them is IDOL worship.

Searching to buy Shiva statue online that is made of Makrana Marble! Way of people to perform the incantation is different but all of them are worshiping the statue of God and sharing there grieves and asking for their dreams. People are following different – different pattern to practice Hinduism and address the name of Gods as per there customs, but ultimately they are worshiping the same one. Since they are following the same which they are having generations to generations.

Lord Shiva statues should be worshiped to perform Lord Shiva Puja, and it can be in any pose of Lord Shiva. Since as per the customs and prophets of Hinduism there is no form of God, God is omnipresent and existence in every part of this world, but to worship there might be some directions so that they have something to whom they can share their grief.

Ask for the help from Mahadev and to fulfil their dreams. Also as per the myths, Lord Shiva resides in Samsaan known as crematory, but Hindu human won’t go there to worship so one can have Lord Shiva Statues to worship.

Lord Shiva statues for sale

Hindu Dharama followers are offered Lord Shiva statue for sale, and can bring at their home or other workplaces where ever you want. To get you just have to contact with us, and we dispatch to you at your mentioned address. Since it is not possible for every human make their presence at our address, wisher might be form some other states, countries etc… we are offering them online service to ask for the Lord Shiva statue online.

Note: – Lord Hanuman is 11th Rudra incarnation of lord Shiva so Hanuman is worshipped with Shiva. So, we also offer lord Hanuman statues at affordable prices.