In Hindu religion lord Vishnu is considered as the supreme god among all Hindu gods in India or all over world. God Vishnu is also known as Hari and Narayan. In honorable Hindu religion text, Vishnu is described as having dark face on water-filled clouds and having four arms. God Ram and Krishna is also advent of Lord Vishnu. He holds lotus flower, gada (mace), shankha (conch) and most famous weapon Sudarshana chakra in four hands. Lord Vishnu has taken mainly ten Avatars which are also known as dashavatar in Hindu religion.

We are at A2Z statue provides you specially Vishnu statue in white marble and all other statues which is related to advent of God Vishnu like Matsya, Kurma, Varaha and Vamana. We have Vishnu statue in all available sizes. You can purchase all statues of Lord Vishnu and his advent statues from our shop at any time.

Laxmi Vishnu Marble Statue


We have all kinds of Lord Vishnu and their advent statues in pure white Vietnam marble like: –

  • Matsya avatar
  • Kurma avatar
  • Varaha avatar in Black marble
  • Narasimha avatar
  • Vamana avatar
  • Parashurama avatar
  • Lord Rama avatar
  • Balarama avatar
  • Lord Krishna avatar
  • Kalki avatar

We are manufacturing all kinds of Vietnam Vishnu statue in reasonable rates and in all available sizes. Vietnam marble is the pure white and strongest marble in all over world, which is only found in Vietnam country. We export this marble as per client demand only for Vishnu statue. God Rama and Krishna is most popular advent of Lord Vishnu. We are specialist manufacturer of Vietnam Vishnu statue. Vishnu Statue in Vietnam marble is the most demanding statue in all over India or other countries like U.S.A., Canada etc.

How to buy Laxmi-Vishnu statue?

Vishnu Laxmi statue is also known as Laxmi Narayan statue. Vishnu Laxmi Statue is the most selling product in Rajasthan or India. We manufacture various type of Laxmi-Vishnu statue like Vishnu with Laxmi on Garuda, Vishnu with Laxmi on Sheshnag and Vishnu with Laxmi on lotus flower. Lord Vishnu with Laxmi on sheshnag is the most attractive statue among the all Vishnu Laxmi statues. At our shop you can find all kinds of statues in all kinds of marbles like red, white and black. We also manufacture Vishnu laxmi on Sheshnag statue in Black marble as per your demand. Vishnu with Laxmi on Lotus flower made from white makarana marble. We provide statue polishing, painting and decorating facility as per your demand.

Sleeping Vishnu statue is also known as Sheshshayee statue. Sleeping Vishnu with goddess Laxmi on Sheshnag is most complex statue in manufacturing. It is manufacture as per client demand but at our shop any time we have 4, 5 sleeping Vishnu statue (Sheshayee) in our stock with complete polishing and coloring. You can order us for Sheshayee at any time. We paint our all statues with original color and decorate them with golden and silver varak.

Contact us or call our sculptors for advance booking of any Hindu god statue and buy it at low prices.

Note: – We also have Vishnu’s Avatar Shri Ram statues and Shri Krishna statues at our store.